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new website

Hello all!

We have a new website that can be found at

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1/12 and 1/15 clinic

We had  18 screenings and 6 vaccinations this week!

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1/5 and 1/8 Clinic

We had 11 screenings and 9 vaccinations this week!

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ABC 7 Live Interview

On Thursday, December 23, The Hep B Project was invited to attend an interview on ABC channel 7, which was then broadcasted on television.

“I had a great time visiting SF and being in the audience. The show tackled interesting real life issues, combined with humor,” said Johnny Pham. “I enjoyed the hosts and their jokes. It was also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be on live TV.”

Although not a more focused interview on The Hep B Project, as expected, it was still an experience and a good opportunity for the project.

Said Adele Feng, “Although Kevin’s screen time was shorter than anticipated, it was enough to spread the word about our project and shed some light on this public health disparity.”

Each volunteer took away a unique experience.

“I personally thought this was a great and unique experience. The show itself was quite interesting and entertaining. Both the hosts and people from the audience were very friendly and welcoming,” said Myo Wong. “Our Hep B Project group sat in the ‘voicebox’ where we had a chance to interact with one of the show’s hosts, Brian. Kevin Hur, the founder of the project, got a chance to talk about the Hep B Project and the Pepsi Refresh grant that we received earlier this year. Definitely go check out the video on their website!”

Here are some pictures from the event:

The video of the show can be found here, and the interview can be seen at the 20 minute mark.

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Wednesday 12/29 Clinic

Yesterday we hit a record of 23 patients to come through clinic, with 18 vaccinations and 2 screenings!

What a way to end the year with this last clinic! Thanks for your support for making this year great.

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Wednesday 12/22 clinic

Wednesday clinic had 8 vaccinations.

After clinic, a few volunteers were able to eat dinner with The Hep B Project founder Kevin Hur.

Saturday clinic was not held as it was Christmas day.

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Vietnamese cosmetology school outreach

On Tuesday, December 21, Clinic Coordinator Johnny Pham was able to give a presentation to The International College of Cosmetology, educating the students about hepatitis B.

“The class was so enthusiastic about what I had to say and I kept getting asked questions so the presentation lasted an hour. It was wonderful to be able to dispel untrue fears about hepatitis B,” said Johnny. “I’ve never had so much questions ever before in previous Viet outreach events.”

Here is a picture of the class:

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12/15 and 12/18 Clinic

This week we had 3 screenings and 11 vaccinations!

Here is a picture from Wednesday clinic:
Our volunteers with Kathy

Our co-founder, Chris Xu, came to join our Saturday clinic this week. “It’s wonderful to see the different ways that the hep b project has improved in,” said Chris. “I’m constantly in awe of the enthusiasm and dedication that our volunteers possess.”
Volunteers during Saturday Clinic

“It was a cold, sprinkly day, but it was super fun and was a very good day for me to learn the workings of the clinics!” said volunteer Tracy Chuong.

From Clinic Coordinator Johnny Pham, reflecting on the year. “What a year it has been. Today is my one year anniversary. It was this day today last year that i first started going to clinic. Reflecting back, i am amazed at how much clinic has improved. Clinic started out with a few patients coming in each week, but now we’ve upped the numbers. We are now educating and screening so many patients, such that each Wednesday is busy with follow-up vaccinations.

Reflecting on my time here, I can say i am blessed to be working with the people here. They are kind, unselfish, and very motivated to help the community. Clinic has benefited so much from students running outreach events.  It is suprising what this grassroots organization has accomplished (outreach, clinic, winning a Pepsi refresh grant, fundraising) even though we’re simply students who only have their compassion and care to give.

I want to thank my clinic co-coordinator Michelle Lo for being a fantastic partner in working on some tough issues in improving clinic. I couldn’t have had a better co-coordinator. I also want to thank Kathy and Dr. Wallin for supporting us.

Lastly, i would like to thank the every one of you who have been coming to clinic.  Thank you for donating your time to clinic; thank you for your service. Without you all, clinic wouldn’t exist.”

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12/8 and 12/11 Clinics

This week, we had a total of 5 screens and 6 vaccinations during our Wednesday and Saturday clinics!

Here are some pictures from Saturday clinic:


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Closed clinics

We will not hold clinic on 12/25 and 1/1.

Happy holidays!

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